RRS Global

Established in the year 1998;


"Resources Reassert Systems" commenced its operations in providing value added services to individuals, entrepreneurs and entities seeking consultancy in business, trade, investment and risk management.

The organization provides valuable business intelligence, support  and management for those who desire to build economic bridges evolving into prominent insignia in global market.

In the year 2000 the company was restructured and it was modified into: 

“Resources Reassert Systems Global” in its abbreviated form "RRS GLOBAL"

We deliver and manage remote management consultancy exclusively. It has been seen that owing to a shift in recent years: most consulting engagements – or phases of an engagement – can now be implemented remotely with equal or better results than a project performed ‘onsite’. The benefits to clients are numerous, save for few:
Reduced Costs/Increased ROI:
Remote engagements eliminate the need for travel related expenses for both the consultant and the client, hence resulting in significant costs savings over the traditional ‘onsite’ model, particularly for extended engagements.
The remote consulting approach makes it easier to build pauses into a project without having ‘onsite’ consultants sitting idly - burning time and money - waiting for the customer’s internal processes to be completed. Every hour of ‘idle time’ that can be eliminated from a project is an hour the customer gets to invest in productive consulting activities later in the engagement.
Simplified Project Logistics and Coordination:
Remote engagements benefit from increased consultant availability as they are not subject to travel delays or complex flight schedules, which could prevent consultants from being available at times that are most convenient to the customer.
Since the consultant does not have to come onsite, there is no need to figure out logistical items such as setting up a work area or dealing with physical security requirements such as ID badges and building access procedures, which sometimes forces a customer to figure out who they are going to assign to escort the consultant around their facilities.
Improved Project Quality and Efficiency:
Hiring remote consultancy allows, clients to benefit from having the flexibility to bring in additional resources only for the portions of the project that require their expertise. The result is an engagement model that ensures project quality by allowing the pace of the project to be aligned with using the right resources at the right time to get the job done right.
As pointed earlier, clients are able to pause remote engagements or slow them down, if needed, so they can take their time gathering requirements or evaluating recommendations. This enables the consultant to design and implement a solution that will satisfy the customer’s full list of requirements and not just the subset that they are able to identify while the consultant is onsite.
It is common for customers to provide incomplete requirements or to rush the completion of project tasks because the ‘onsite consultant’ is leaving at the end of the week. This can lead to recommendations that do not fully satisfy a customer’s needs or the failure to properly complete important project tasks. With a remote consultant, clients are more in control and may decide at their own pace.