RRS Global, owes its existence to its predecessor, Resources Reassert Systems, founded in 1998.

The organization primarily provided advice and services to business working across their territorial jurisdictions, by arranging, negotiating and placing credit insurance guarantees and/or bonds to secure suppliers credit.

These schemes worked perfectly for small and medium size entities, with limited resources. Successful management and completion of these schemes served as a door opener to those businesses, which had the potential to work ahead but with little or no support from their local financial markets.   

"We became pioneers of solutions where most would fail. Our task was to find those who needed support and trust. Who had the craving to succeed and were desperate to perform. And by the Grace of God, accomplishments came day after day and it continues."   

RRS Global in Dubai
We take CHALLENGES globally, 
where most would fail, the solutions are hard to find. 
We are solution finders; nothing seems impossible 
when we set our minds to find the 
right advice and solution.